100 Interesting YouTube Statistics of 2022: Exposed Niche based Amazing Data and Facts

We analyzed 1000+ resources and concluded the niche based surprising facts, figures and statistics. That will help to gather niche based information for your personal or professional use
100 Interesting YouTube Statistics of 2022: Exposed Niche based Amazing Data and Facts
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If you answer yes to all of that, then there’s only one thing left to say: CONGRATULATIONS.

If you answer NO, then you clearly need help. And help, they say, can come in different ways. Today, we’ve chosen to help YouTubers get a better hang of the platform with an amazing compilation of several niche-specific YouTube statistics.

Heck, this is different from the basic stat compilation you find on Google. These are niche-relevant statistics – facts and data relevant to your own niche. Scroll down and find your niche below to see what the numbers say about your industry. Who knows? You just might find your LUCKY CHARM here.

General YouTube Statistics


Niche Specific Statistics

Top 10 YouTube Niches

  1. Food, Recipes, and Cooking

  2. Travel Vlogging

  3. Beauty & Makeup

  4. Music

  5. Kids

  6. Gaming

  7. Health and Fitness

  8. Life-Hacks & How-To

  9. Unboxing

  10. Tech & Gadget Reviews

1) Food, Recipes, and Cooking YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. There has been a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year (Google)

  2. Millions of people are turning to YouTube for ideas, inspiration, and tips on food, recipes, and cooking techniques (Google)

  3. Year over Year, views of food and recipe content grow by 59% (Google)

  4. Year over Year, social engagement (such as likes, comments, and shares) on food channels rises by 118% (Google)

  5. Millennials (ages 18 to 34) view the most food content, watching 30% more food content on YouTube, on average, than other demographies (Google)

  6. 75% of the growth in YouTube food viewership comes from mobile devices (Google)

  7. 78% of referrals from YouTube food videos to brand sites are from first-time customers.

  8. 69% of Millennial Moms watch food videos every week. 68% of these highly engaged moms purchased food products featured in the videos they watched. 68% of them also watch videos while cooking. (Google)

  9. Millennial women tend to seek inspiration from baking and appetizer videos for social occasions cooking rather than regular meals cooking. (Google)

  10. While three out of four millennial women are open to watching branded food content, close to half (43%) have not done so, representing a significant opportunity for brands to gain new audiences. (Google)

2) Travel Vlogging YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. Two out of three U.S. travelers watch YouTube travel videos when planning a trip. (Google)

  2. Year over Year, views of travel-related content go up by 118%. (Google)

  3. Mobile devices accounted for roughly 30% of all travel video views, with mobile viewing up 97% on smartphones and 205% on tablets. (Google).

  4. Nearly half of the travel videos on the platform are watched during prime time (3:00—10:00 p.m. PST), with desktop users watching videos during the day and smartphone and tablet users tuning in during the evening hours.

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  1. 88% of YouTube travel searches focus on destinations, attractions/points of interest, or general travel ideas. (Google).

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  1. 67% of travel-related views are for brand or professionally released videos. (Google).


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  1. Lately, there’s been interest in the cruises and charters category. Viewership in this category is currently on a 262% YoY (Year over Year) growth trajectory. (Google).

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  1. In 2014 to date, subscriptions to top travel channels on YouTube have increased 106% YoY. And these subscribers watch 86% longer per view than nonsubscribers do. (Google)

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  1. Travel vlogs, in fact, receive 4x more social engagement (likes, comments, shares, favorites, and subscriptions) than other types of travel content on YouTube. (Google)

  2. Compared with the average YouTube user, travelers are 18x more likely to watch videos about restaurants, spas, hotels, drinks, etc.

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3) Beauty & Makeup YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. YouTube’s Makeup & Beauty space is the only niche not ‘colonized’ by big beauty brands and personalities. Big beauty brands only account for 3 percent of total video views on the platform, while individual “vloggers” enjoy the remaining 97 percent. Digital Surgeons

  2. Less than 25 percent of all beauty-related YouTube videos even mention a brand name. Pixability

  3. 86% of the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube were made by individual creators. (Google)

  4. More than 45,000 YouTube channels specialize in fashion and beauty-related content. Each month, over 50 million people watch over 1.6 billion minutes of consumer-created fashion and beauty videos on the platform. Wikipedia

  5. Every month, more than 50 million people watch over 1.6 billion minutes of consumer-created fashion and beauty videos on the platform. Wikipedia

  6. The biggest audiences of YouTube beauty community are teenage girls who act as "prosumers" by creating and consuming content themselves. Wikipedia

  7. In the United Kingdom, beauty vlogging is a rapidly-growing industry that attracts 700 million hits per month, also noting that two-fifths of British women are viewing online beauty tutorials. Wikipedia

  8. According to the article journal of the University of Calgary, one of the most “popular” categories of video is “Get Ready With Me"'s. These videos showcase how beauty YouTubers get ready for their daily occasions, as well as their daily rituals, whether it be a trip to the mall, a special event, or even bedtime. Free Journal

  9. According to industry observers, beauty vlogging will soon eclipse magazines in reach and as the primary source of beauty-related information for consumers. Los Angeles Times

  10. Beauty & Makeover video views have increased 65 percent year over year. Pixability

  11. 57 percent of beauty and fashion companies use beauty influencers as part of their marketing strategies. Influencer Orchestration Network

4) Music YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. 60% of Americans ages 35–54, and 29% of Americans aged 55+ say they visit YouTube for music-related content at least 1X per week. Google

  2. 82 percent of YouTube users utilize the platform to listen to music. Statista

  3. Back in 2016, YouTube had more active music listeners than most major music streaming services. Statista



  1. 20% of the top 100 YouTube searches in the US are Music related (Ahrefs)

  2. YouTube is amongst the top 10 best-paying music streaming platforms, which is great news for artists and music channel creators. Statista

Source: Statista

  1. BlackPink is the most-subscribed YouTube Music artist with 70.5M subscribers

  2. The word ‘Music,’ along with music brands including ‘Billie Eilish,’ ‘pewdiepie vs. T series,’ ‘BTS,’ and ‘baby shark’ are in the top 20 most-searched keywords globally on YouTube (Ahrefs)

  3. Music only accounts for 4.3% of YouTube’s content. Yet it makes 11% of the views. Influencer Marketing Hub

  4. K-Pop band BTS get a monthly average of over 16 million searches worldwide, which is more than 6 searches per second (Ahrefs)

  5. ‘Baby Shark Dance’ by Pinkfong became the most viewed video on YouTube as of January 2022. It has over 7.8 billion views, making ‘Despacito’ by Louis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee the second most viewed video on YouTube at over 7.1 billion views as of January 2022 (YouTube Trends)

  6. Music brand T Series is the most-subscribed channel on YouTube with 201.4M subscribers. Wikipedia

5) Kids YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. Kids under 8yo spend 65% of their online time on YouTube. Kids between ages 9and12 spend 38% of their time on the platform. While juniors (13-15) only spend 32% of their time on YouTube. Family Zone

  2. 89 percent of parents with children aged 5 to 11 years had ever watched a video on YouTube. Additionally, 57 percent of parents reported that their children aged up to two years had also watched a video on YouTube before. Statista

  3. YouTube Kids, YouTube’s separate platform that provides safer access for children, has amassed more than 35 million weekly users News Break

  4. Three-quarters of tweens say they use YouTube despite the age restrictions. Whereas only 23% in that age group said they watch YouTube Kids, a channel designed for kids specifically. AP News

  5. Among parents who let their young child watch content on the site, 61% say they have encountered content there that they felt was unsuitable for children. The Pew Research

  6. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is the most-subscribed Kids-themed YouTube channel with 53M subscribers. Statista

  7. Kids in the U.S. ages 4 to 14 now spend an average of 86 minutes per day watching content on YouTube. Tech Crunch

  8. YouTube videos with kids get three times as many views as videos without kids. The Verge

  9. Among viewers who watch YouTube on their TV, 48% of moms watch with their kids. Google

Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes was the YouTube made-for-kids channel with the most subscribers as of December 2021, at 123 million. Kids Diana Show ranked second, with over 86 million subscribers, followed by Like Nastya. Statista

6) Gaming YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. Forty-eight percent of YouTube gamers say they spend more time watching gaming videos on YouTube than playing games. Google

  2. Two of the top five channels with the most subscribers on YouTube are gaming-related Google

  3. 56% of YouTube gamers say YouTube is where they connect with their gaming community. Ipsos

  4. 66% of female YouTube gamers watch gaming videos on YouTube when they want to hear from people they can relate to. Ipsos

  5. 74% of YouTube gamers say they go to YouTube to learn how to get better at a game. Ipsos

  6. YouTube users watched 100 billion hours of gaming content on the platform in 2020 alone. Expect that number to soar in 2022. The Verge

  7. Of that 100 billion figure, 10 billion of those hours were of YouTube Gaming live streams. The Verge

  8. Less than a year ago, Minecraft was the most-watched game on YouTube, with more than 201 billion views. The next most-watched game on the platform is Roblox with 75 billion views, and the top five are rounded out by mobile battle royale Garena Free Fire (72 billion), Grand Theft Auto V (70 billion), and Fortnite (67 billion). Statista


  1. Today, Minecraft is still the most-watched game. And now with a total view count of more than 1 trillion. Metro.co.uk

  2. YouTube has more than 40M+ active gaming channels. And 80,000 of those hit 100,000 subscribers this past year. More than 1,000 channels broke 5 million subscribers in 2020, while more than 350 channels hit 10 million subscribers. YouTube

7) Health and Fitness YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. There are more than 30 million fitness videos on YouTube alone. BBC

  2. Watch time of “home workout” videos on YouTube in Canada has increased 130% in the last year. Google

  3. 79% of YouTube viewers say YouTube has sports and fitness video content that they can't find anywhere else. Google

  4. Pamela Reif, a glamorous 26-year-old, amassed a staggering 778,749,036 video views in 2020 and is estimated to have earned nearly $20,000 per video. Neo Reach

  5. Recently, YouTubers watched 5,500 years’ worth of yoga videos in one year alone. ABC News

  6. 72% of people used YouTube to exercise or keep fit in 2020. YouTube

  7. There was a 515% increase in videos with “home workout” in the title in March 2021 alone. YouTube

  8. There was a 195% increase in daily videos on how to do a handstand YouTube

  9. Dance workout videos saw 180 million views from mid-March to mid-May YouTube

  10. Chloe Ting's 11-minute “Get Abs in 2 Weeks” video is the number-one home workout video on YouTube, with 417M views and counting. YouTube

8) How-To and YouTube Tutorial Videos 2022 Stats

  1. How-to videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube, even more than music clips or gaming. Google

  2. YouTube claims a lot of its audience “doesn’t just want to be entertained, they’re also hungry for how-to and learning content. 86% of its audience, to be exact. Google



  1. More than 7 in 10 viewers use YouTube for help with a problem they’re having with their work, studies, or hobbies. Google

  2. A large fraction of the YouTube community claims they feel “prepared,” “smarter,” and “inspired” after watching How-To and learning videos on YouTube. Google


  1. 71% of people reported watching two or more instructional videos per week (up by 33% compared to 2018). Techsmith

  2. Make Up For Ever, a global beauty brand, incorporated ‘How-To’ in its marketing content a while back. It seamlessly immersed itself and its products into these How-To-Tutorials. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD, the product used in the tutorial, saw an overall lift in brand recall of 44% and an 18% lift in organic product-related searches. The brand also increased its YouTube subscriber count by 11% in a single month. Google

  3. 43% of viewers prefer instructional and informational videos between three to six minutes in length, while another 15% preferred videos up to nine minutes. Techsmith

  4. Users are 3X more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video than reading a product’s instructions. Google

  5. Online search continues to be the most common way (45%) for users to find instructional and informational video content. Techsmith

Video title and description are the most common reason why viewers choose a video to watch. Techsmith

9) Unboxing YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. Videos featuring amateur unboxing of everything from running shoes to dog toys have been viewed more than 1.1 billion times. YouTube

  2. At least 60 million hours have been spent watching other people open things. YouTube

  3. Google Consumer Survey shows that 62% of those that watch unboxing videos do so when looking for a particular product. Google Consumer Surveys

  4. Unboxing video views have grown 57% over the past year, and uploads have grown more than 50%. Google

  5. As of Nov. 17, 2014, there have been more than 20 million search results on YouTube for "unboxing." Google

  6. One in five consumers report that they've actually watched an unboxing video. Google Consumer Surveys

  7. 34% of the views for unboxing videos related to food, electronics, toys, and beauty/fashion happen in the October to December time frame—that's 1.5x higher than the average volume of unboxing video views in other quarters. Google

  8. 66% of recent purchasers of beauty products said YouTube allowed them to visualize the product they're going to buy. A great testament to the kind of relatable content provided by unboxing videos. Google

  9. A study has shown that 93% of consumers claim online reviews have influenced their purchasing decisions. Remember, Unboxing videos are basically customer reviews in a visual format. Podium

  10. Food and drink, fashion and style, and mobile phone unboxing videos have seen 42%, 90%, and 200% growth in popularity, respectively. Google

10) Tech & Gadget Reviews YouTube 2022 Stats

  1. About 64% of users always watch review videos on YouTube before investing in any gadget. Brevvit

  2. Tech review giant, Marques Brownlee, started his channel in 2009. Today, he possesses 15.1 million subscribers and about 2 billion video views. He has 13x as many subscribers as Forbes magazine on his YouTube channel. YouTube

  3. In the last quarter of 2020, tech brands and companies that activated YouTube campaigns with sponsored content generated approximately 461 million views through campaigns achieving at least 10,000 views. Statista

  4. 50,000+ years of product review YouTube videos watched on mobile in the past two years. Google

  5. 75% of shoppers surveyed say they have used a Google product (Search, Maps, YouTube) to help with their shopping. You bet tech & gadget shoppers are amongst the numbers. Google


Okay, there you have it – exciting niche-specific YouTube statistics for 2022. Along with the added tips and hacks, you’re well-equipped to crush the YouTube algorithm in 2022. Don’t go soft on it!

 We are happy to make your analytics easy to digest and if you are willing to boost your YouTube channel quickly and want to get more youtube views, likes and subscribers, we are here to help.

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