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YouTube Channels with the Most Views

2 years ago
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When you have a YouTube channel, there are many things that you need to take care of. First of all, you need to gain as many subscribers as you can. This number will help you get views and likes for your videos. However, many videos have many more views than the subscribers on the channel. For this reason, it is important to buy YouTube views separately from subscribers. In this way, you will be able to boost your channel and find success.

In the meantime, study the channels that have the most views on YouTube so that you can get new video ideas.

#1 T-Series

T-series is an Indian YouTube channel that not has the most views on the platform, but is also the most subscribed one. On this channel, you will find music videos, trailers, and movie clips. All of this content has gathered 115 billion views from 14.5 thousand videos. This is an impressive number that is only set to grow more and more.

#2 Cocomelon

Cocomelon is the most successful nursery rhymes YouTube channel. It has over 88.1 million subscribers, making it also one of the most subscribed channels in the history of the platform. Cocomelon has uploaded 545 videos and these have gained 69.6 billion views, proving that nursery rhymes are a niche with potential.

#3 SET India

SET India is another hugely successful Indian channel. It is also a television broadcaster and for this reason, its videos consist of television series’ clips and movie clips. In total, SET India has uploaded 38.4 thousand videos, which have over 59.8 billion views. 

#4 WWE

WWE is the only sports YouTube channel with a huge number of subscribers and video views. Since the establishment of the channel, WWE has uploaded around 48.5 thousand videos that have 45.4 billion views. WWE is one of the channels that don’t need to buy YouTube views to be successful.

#5 Zee TV

Zee TV is the third Indian YouTube channel on this list. Just like SET India, its content consists of series clips, movie clips, and music videos. Since the beginning of the channel in 2011, it has uploaded 90.8 thousand videos that have gathered more than 44 billion views.

#6 Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World is the YouTube channel of the eight-year-old Ryan Kaji. Ryan has become a YouTube sensation with a channel that has over 25.7 million subscribers. Over the years, Ryan’s World has gained 40.1 billion views from the 1.7 thousand videos. 

#7 Movieclips

Movieclips is a YouTube channel that users love to watch movie trailers and clips. This becomes clear by the 41 million subscribers that the channel has right now. Moreover, its 35.9 thousand videos have gathered more than 38.9 billion views.

#8 Like Nastya

Like Nastya is another YouTube channel owned by a child. Anastasia Radzinskaya is 6-years-old and her YouTube channel has around 57.5 million subscribers. Like Nastya has 449 videos in total that have gathered over 37.9 billion views.

YouTube channels with many subscribers also have the most views on the platform. A thing that can help you gather many views is to upload as many videos as you can. Moreover, don’t forget to buy YouTube views to boost your videos.