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Interesting YouTube Records to Inspire you

1 year ago
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YouTube has been around for a long time. Throughout all of this time, many channels have been established. Some of them became so successful that their owners have become celebrities. Even if your channel doesn’t get to such heights, you can still manage to earn a decent living out of it. However, you need to make sure that you promote it effectively by getting cheap YouTube views.

In this article, you will find interesting YouTube records that will give you the motivation to continue creating content on the platform.

Channel with the Most Subscribers

The channel with the most subscribers at the moment is T-series. The Indian YouTube channel has over 144 million subscribers. T-series holds the title of the most subscribed channel since April 2019.

Channel with the Most Subscribers Gained in a Day

This record is actually held by two channels, Jorge & Mateus Oficial and CarryMinati. Both the Brazilian Musicians and the popular YouTuber managed to gather around 1.4 million subscribers in a single day.

Channel with the Most Subscribers Lost in a Day

The YouTube channel that lost the most subscribers in just 24 hours is that of James Charles. The beauty YouTuber was caught in a controversy that cost him the loss of 1,261,460 users. The incident happened in May 2019. 

Channel with the Most Views

T-series is both the channel with the most subscribers and the most views. The popular Indian channel has gathered more than 115 billion views. This number is a great achievement. If you want to have a chance for it, you should enhance your videos with cheap YouTube views.

Channel with the Most Views Gathered in a Day

Just like the YouTube channels with the most subscribers gained in a day, there is also a channel that gathered the most views in a single day. This number is the total views of all of the channel’s videos. The channel that holds this record is Cocomelon with 176,401,499 in a single day.

Channel with the Most uploads of all time

The majority of the most popular YouTube channels has uploaded thousands of videos. However, there is one channel that is the one with the greatest number of uploads. This is the gaming YouTube channel CODblackopsPS, where you can find over 1 million videos. Yet, the channel is inactive since 2015.

Video with the Most Views

It comes as no surprise that the video with the most views in YouTube history is none other than the music video of “Despacito”. Luis Fonsi’s hit song was released in 2017 and it continues to be a sensation.  

Video to Reach 10 Million Views the Fastest

The video that manages to pass the mark of 10 million views the fastest is “Boy with Luv”, a song by the South Korean boy group BTS. The video was uploaded to Big Hit Labels’ YouTube channel and broke the record in just 3 hours. 

 These impressive records prove YouTube is a platform where you can find success and make a decent living. However, every successful channel needs promotion either by using social media or by getting cheap YouTube views.