How To Become a YouTube Partner and Monetize Your Videos

The YouTube Partner Program is one of the best ways to monetize your channel. Read on to learn how to become a YouTube partner and earn revenue
How To Become a YouTube Partner and Monetize Your Videos

How To Become a YouTube Partner and Make Money off Your YouTube Channel


Having a following on YouTube is great. Making money on YouTube? That’s even better.


Most people who start a YouTube channel want to learn how to monetize it, but they aren’t sure about their options. An excellent place, to begin with, is the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). 


By becoming a YouTube partner, you can access various ways to make money from your videos, like YouTube ads or memberships for your channel. 


Not every video creator can join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Read on to learn who qualifies, plus what you can do to get there faster.


The Basics of YouTube Partner Program


There are many methods to make money on YouTube. You can create sponsored content or become an affiliate marketer by using affiliate connections to sell products. But the YouTube Partner Program has benefits that make it a desirable choice for many. 


By partnering with YouTube, content creators can gain access to multiple features that help improve their channel. This includes making money, more access to support, and tools to keep their content secure. 


YPP is a good deal for both parties. In exchange for money from their advertising providers, YouTube gets popular channels to create more videos for their service. And you get all the perks that come with partnering with one of the biggest social media.


platforms in the world. 


Making money with YPP comes through different monetization options, such as: 


  • Ad revenue 

  • Channel memberships 

  • Merchandise showcased on your watch page 

  • Super Chat and Stickers

  • YouTube Premium Subscriber revenue 


With the various advertising types, you can decide which works best for you. Maybe you want to make exclusive content for your members, or you want to connect with your followers through Super Chat — the choice is yours. 




Your YouTube Partner Program pay can fluctuate, and YouTube can’t guarantee a specific amount. But you can always review your YouTube Partner Program revenue share in your dashboard under the monetization tab. 


While the money is always nice, there are other perks for joining. One is the Copyright Match Tool that lets you search for your content on other channels through a system called Content ID.


Another benefit is access to the YouTube Partner Program support. This gives you direct communication with Creator Support teams who can help you with any question you have. 


How To Become a YouTube Partner

  • Live in a region that has the program

  • Be in good standing with YouTube and follow YouTube’s monetization policy

  • Have more than 4,000 hours of public watch hours in the last year

  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers

  • Have a linked Google AdSense account

If YouTube is going to have content partners, it wants to ensure quality. Hence its YPP eligibility requirements include a certain amount of subscribers and hours of watch time. 


Channel owners also have to follow the YouTube policies, including its copyright content and community guidelines. Plus, you’ll want to take a look at other standards like its advertiser-friendly content guidelines.


You can apply to be a partner in your account in YouTube Studio. If you’re not quite at the threshold, you can ask for a notification to be sent to your email address. Once that notification arrives, you can pat yourself on the back and start applying so your


the channel can be reviewed. 


It can take about a month, sometimes more, after reaching the YouTube Partner Program requirements to hear back. 




Tips for Speeding Up Your Journey to YPP


Now, you probably want to know how to become a YouTube partner faster. Two of the biggest hurdles for most are getting more YouTube views and that first thousand subscribers


Here are some tips to help you along. 


Have Good Video Content

YouTube users typically want ad-free streaming, but if your content is worth sitting through an ad, users are happy to do so. This is the attitude you should have even before you become a partner. As a YouTube creator, quality should be your top priority.  


Take a look at your content selection and see what you can improve to become one of the best content hubs in your field. Think of creative ideas, and learn from popular videos — including your own, which you can see through YouTube analytics. 


Promote Your Videos and Use SEO

As you learn how to become a YouTube partner, you need to build up your audience. The way to do that is to tell people it’s there through consistent, engaging promotion. 


YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) is another vital factor in getting found by a bigger audience. Make sure to use popular keywords in your titles and properly optimize your videos. 


Engage With Subscribers 


Whether you make YouTube music content, online courses for entrepreneurs, or provide curated lists of the best dog videos on social media, engaging with your audience is a vital step for any YouTuber.


You could:

  • Answer comments

  • Ask questions 

  • Hold a giveaway

  • Feature users in your posts


Not only will this help grow your audience, but you’ll create a loyal following. 


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Final Thoughts: How To Become a YouTube Partner and Monetize Your Videos


YPP can be a great way to earn money with your YouTube videos. Instead of affiliate marketing or sponsored content, you can make money and get access to other helpful YouTube tools with the YouTube Partner Program. 


Now that you know how to become a YouTube partner, you can get started on reaching the threshold to apply. As you work on your content and promote your channel, give your channel a boost with Stormviews. 


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