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Maddy Osman
Jan 10
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Five YouTube Video Ideas To Boost Your Views + Video Tips
When you first start making YouTube videos, it can be confusing where to begin. Here are five video ideas to help you attract more views to your channel.
Five YouTube Video Ideas To Boost Your Views + Video Tips

Five of the Best YouTube Video Ideas To Boost Your Views + Tips on How To Improve Your Videos

One of the best ways to get noticed on YouTube is to make quality videos. The better your content, the more people will want to see it. 

While that fact is true, it can be a challenge to cultivate your YouTube presence if you have no idea where to start. 

The good news? 

There are several great YouTube video ideas that you can customize to fit your channel and your business. By learning more about the popular options out there, your videos can appeal to viewers who search for that content. 

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Choosing the right video ideas for your channel can help you craft your video content strategy. 

Read on to learn more about how to grow your YouTube channel, including: 

  • What the most popular videos on YouTube are

  • Five video ideas to help you attract more views 

  • Tips on creating your videos 

  • Why you should buy YouTube views with Stormviews 

The Most Popular Videos on YouTube

The most-watched videos on YouTube vary from music to classic viral videos like Charlie Bit My Finger. While your video may never hit over a billion views, you can focus on categories that get frequently watched. 

Some of the most popular video types on YouTube are: 

  • How-tos 

  • Gaming walkthroughs 

  • Hauls  

  • Vlogs

  • Educational 

  • Unboxings 

  • Pranks

  • Funny animals 

You can learn from these trends to inspire your own videos. 

The best video idea for your YouTube channel depends on your viewer. And not every popular video type will make sense for your brand. But there are some ideas that any channel can take advantage of for its content.

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Five YouTube Video Ideas To Boost Views 

Each of these video types can be tailored to fit your brand. These popular categories can help you create a strategy for your videos with a goal in mind. Mix ideas together or specialize in one type, and you’ll be on your way to attracting more views

Here are five of the best video ideas for YouTube: 

1. Educational, Tutorial, or How-To Videos 

People frequently come to YouTube to learn. This can be to discover a new skill or learn how to open a wine bottle with a bicycle pump. 


Can you teach your audience something? Whether it’s a life hack or a history lesson, creating educational content directly provides value to your viewer. And it can help you find new audiences with those coming to YouTube specifically for that content. 

You can also tie these videos directly to your business. Give a product tutorial, or make a video showing how your product makes a certain task easier.

BMW’s YouTube channel has a comprehensive how-to series about features for their cars. This both helps viewers who have bought those cars and those who are doing more research to see if that’s the car they want. 


2. Capitalize off a Trend or Popular Video Category

The Ice Bucket challenge was a good example of a video trend that could be adapted in various ways. Brands got in on the action and took the opportunity to show their personality.  

You can use the success of other YouTube videos on your own channel, with your own spin on the content. 

For example, autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, videos have skyrocketed over the last few years. While at first that could only seem relevant to certain YouTube channels, IKEA released multiple ASMR videos using its products. 


3. Question-and-Answers (Q&A) or Behind the Scenes 

Giving viewers an inside look at your company is an easy way to create content. Viewers get an exclusive look behind the scenes and get to know your company better. And all you have to do is film your process. 

You can film a Q&A and let viewers submit questions. Not only is this a great method to engage with your audience, but you can also learn more about them and what they need from your company. 

There are many options for showing behind the scenes content, as well. If you’re putting together a product launch or designing something new, give users a taste of what to expect. 

If you hold events, behind the scenes content can also be for those who want to learn more or are unable to attend. Seeing how a Louis Vuitton fashion show comes together acts as a promotion for the brand and gets viewers excited for its product. 


4. Listicles 

It’s no secret listicles have dominated the internet for the past several years — and for good reason.

Listicles are easily digested content that’s highly customizable. Lists give people incentive to watch the whole video, which also helps your channel. 

You can do a countdown of your favorite products or share your top 10 pieces of advice.

You can even do a recap of your best videos, and you can reuse the content you already posted. Red Bull frequently posts rewind videos, where they share the best moments of an event or year. 


5. Vlogs, Lifestyle, and Inspirational Videos

YouTube is a haven for advice. Viewers can get first-hand testimonials from people and get inspired for their own life.  

A vlog can tell the story of your business and help you connect with your customers. 

In Lululemon’s vlog series “Let the Feeling Flow,” the company followed a group of people who shared their lives on camera. In turn, Lululemon shows people what their brand is all about and fosters that relationship with its audience. 


Influencers take to YouTube to describe the habits or products that help them succeed in their lives. And they share this information in an effort to help others. 

Think about the popularity of TED Talks, which can also be considered educational videos, but are frequently meant to inspire change. 


Can your business provide some inspiration for your customers? Lyft is a rideshare company, and its “June” video shows how sharing more than rides can improve your life. 


More Tips on How To Improve Your YouTube Videos 

No matter what videos you post, there are some tips to keep in mind to make them the best for your company. 

Show Your Company’s Personality 

Video is one of the best ways to give a sense of what your company is like in real life. Mattress company Purple shows off its products in funny videos that both entertain the viewer and display the products’ features. 


Don’t Try to Be What You’re Not

That being said, humor is subjective and might not work for every brand or company. Be yourself in your videos, and do what you’re good at. Be authentic, and your viewers will respect that.  

Vary Your Video Types

You don’t want to bore your viewers or subscribers. Attempt different types of videos to keep things interesting and stretch your creative muscles. Even if you want to focus on educational videos, spice up your offerings with different types within that category.

Work on Increasing Your Subscribers

If you have a low amount of subscribers on YouTube, it could affect getting more viewers. The more people engage with your YouTube channel, the better your videos look to the YouTube algorithm. Focus on growing your following as well as making great content.

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Final Thoughts: Five YouTube Video Ideas To Boost Your Views + Video Tips

It can be intimidating to create a YouTube channel. But with some creativity and good ideas, you can make your channel successful. 

When making a YouTube video, consider what’s popular and make it your own. Educational, trend, listicle, behind the scenes, and inspirational videos are all well-known and well-liked categories on YouTube. Infuse the videos with your personality and vary your posts. 

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