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Don’t Buy Fake YouTube Likes — How to Get Real Likes Instead
When you’re looking to grow your YouTube audience, don’t buy YouTube views that are fake. Grow your following organically or buy real YouTube views
Don’t Buy Fake YouTube Likes — How to Get Real Likes Instead

Fifteen years ago, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first video to the platform. It was an 18-second video of him visiting the San Diego Zoo. 

Since then, YouTube has exploded with success. Alone, Kawim’s short and sweet video has garnered more than 112 million views and 4.1 million likes. 

As of 2020, the highest viewed video remains the 2017 music video for “Despacito,” which currently has 6.9 billion views and 39 million likes. 

Garnering your following on YouTube can be a maddening task. Amassing views, likes, and subscribers is a challenging feat — but not impossible. 

There are many ways to grow your following. But whatever you do, don’t buy YouTube views that are fake. It won’t help your business, and it violates YouTube’s terms of service. 

Instead, work hard to grow your following naturally. You can even buy YouTube views for cheap with a service like Stormviews, which lets you buy real YouTube views.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

  • How YouTube works

  • How YouTube can help your business

  • Why you shouldn’t buy fake YouTube likes 

  • How to grow your YouTube following 

  • Why you should buy real YouTube views 

Understanding YouTube’s System

Making an impact on YouTube can feel like a challenge these days. According to Statista, 500 hours of content are added to YouTube every minute.  

The game sometimes seems to be rigged when you notice that only a small number of videos generate the most views. Pew Research reported that among channels with at least 250,000 subscribers, the most popular 10% of videos drew 79% of all the week’s views.  

Cracking the YouTube algorithm and ranking high in searches is based on your video’s essential elements, including the title, description, and video content. YouTube also looks at which video has the most engagement based on the searcher’s query. 

YouTube’s algorithm is trying to locate the perfect video for each user and increase the time the person spends watching videos. These factors are calculated based on the user’s past behavior and how other videos will fit into their preferences.  

So, having a well put together a video with lots of views and likes matters for your popularity. 

Growing Your Business Through YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel for your business has many benefits. 

  • It allows you to show off your expertise. 

  • It gives your business a face and personality. 

  • It can introduce customers to your products and services. 

  • It lets you engage in topics related to your business.  

There are many ways to make money from YouTube. According to Forbes, the highest-paid channel on YouTube is the children’s channel Ryan’s World, which made $26 million in 2019.

While not everyone can expect those numbers, companies, and individuals can still profit. Year over year, the number of channels that raked in $10,000 has grown by 50%

Running ads, selling merchandise, raising money through crowd-funding, and working as a brand affiliate are just some of the ways you can make money.

Consumers want to engage with the videos they watch, which can be from the brands they love. Between 2017 and 2018, engagement on YouTube grew by 70%.  

Having a YouTube following can be a fantastic way to enhance your prospective audience and bring in business.

Why you Should Never Buy Fake YouTube Likes

When you buy YouTube views, likes, or fake subscribers, you lose in the long run. Many companies offer to grow your stats through improper means. 

With shady companies, you’ll buy YouTube views or subscribers that end up disappearing, losing any growth you purchased. Fake YouTube likes can also come from spam accounts that will look bad to your followers. Viewers want to trust that your likes and views are real.  

Plus, fake YouTube engagement goes against the platform’s terms of service. Additionally, the company is continuously working to eliminate fraudulent likes and subscribers from its account pages. 

If you use a disreputable company to buy YouTube views, it could alert YouTube of suspicious behavior, and the company will clear out all fraudulent activity. 

Not to mention, some companies advertise that you can buy cheap YouTube views then price gouge you for an unreliable product. 

Don’t trust companies that deal with fake YouTube likes. 

How to Get More YouTube Views and Likes

Just like any other skill, practice and learning will help you thrive on YouTube. Identify your weak spots and commit to improving your game.  

  • Learn the basics of SEO

  • Enhance your videos 

  • Keep your audience engaged

  • Learn from others

  • Entice viewers 

  • Improve the quality of your videos and content 

By implementing just a few suggestions, you can grow your following exponentially. 

Do Your Research

There are a few fundamental strategies you need to learn to improve your video stats. One of the most significant tactics is using SEO best practices — they’re certainly relevant on YouTube. Use relevant keywords, checking their popularity, and seeing what comes up on Google for a given search term to determine if you’re adequately meeting the needs of a searcher. Put in the work and reap the rewards. 

Optimize Your Videos and Your YouTube Channel

YouTube factors the quality of your video’s titles and descriptions into your rankings on the platform. Make sure that they’re loaded with information and relevant keywords. 

Don’t forget to add attractive thumbnails that intrigue the viewer to find out more. 

Make the most out of YouTube’s other tools for further optimization:

  • Include cards on your videos.

  • Make playlists of related videos.

  • Create a professional landing page for your channel.

Focus on Audience Retention and Consistent YouTube Posting

According to YouTube, audience retention is essential. In other words, you want viewers to watch your videos until the end. YouTube wants people to stay on its platform, so the videos that viewers watch all the way through will rank higher in a relevant search. 

Plus, if you have a lot of content, viewers can finish one video and hop to another. Keep people on your channel and engaged with your content. 

Learn from the Competition

There’s no better way to learn what makes a good YouTube video than listening to other successful YouTubers. 

Check out videos you love to find inspiration for your own content. Look at the most-viewed videos and channels with the most subscribers to see what they’re doing right. 

Give People a Reason To Watch 

With every video, you post, make sure to entice your viewers. Put announcements at the end of videos and lure viewers into watching until the end. 

You can also incentivize your videos. 

Try partnering with brands to offer discounted services to your viewers. Do a giveaway for the first 100 people to watch a video or the first 20 to “smash that like button.” Incentives will encourage people to subscribe and pay attention when you drop new content. 

Improve the Quality of Your Videos, But Focus on Content

A sleek video is so much nicer to watch than one that’s low-quality. With just a little research, you can learn how to make your videos look more professional. 

That being said, the quality of content is also essential. Viewers are 1.6 times more likely to click on a video related to their passion over a video with high production quality. 

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Why You Should Buy YouTube Likes That Are Real 

Sometimes, even when you’re doing everything right, you’re still not getting the results you want. That’s where buying YouTube views can help. 

Find a company like Stormviews, where you can buy cheap YouTube views that are real. You’ll save more than just money — you’ll save precious time. 

Not everyone can spend 20 hours a week becoming an expert video editor and producing hours of content. If your time resources are limited, you can buy YouTube views to boost exposure for the content you already have. 

Buying real YouTube views, likes, and subscribers can help your channel rank higher in people’s feeds. A better ranking will help you connect with the viewers and customers you’ve been trying to reach. 

When you buy YouTube views, you can direct traffic to the specific places you want it to go. If you have a video explaining a new product or service, you can buy YouTube views for that video, attracting more viewers. 

When you buy real YouTube views, you fortify the value of your content, communicating social proof. You could be the foremost expert on a subject, but people won’t trust your videos if you only have a handful of views.

It can be an annoying fact, but those likes and views count matter. If you’re ready to supplement your numbers, buying real YouTube likes might be the best path toward rapid growth. 

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The Benefit of Real YouTube Likes

Stormviews guarantees that when you use the service, you buy real YouTube views. When the views are genuine, it doesn’t violate YouTube’s policies. So, your channel stays safe. 

Our goal is to take the struggle out of the process of growing your YouTube base. 

By empowering you to buy YouTube views for cheap, Stormviews ensures you don’t break the bank or your channel’s reputation when you’re trying to boost your rankings. 

Final Thoughts: Don’t Buy Fake YouTube Likes — Get Real Likes Instead

While YouTube seems like a tough community to crack into, there are many ways to succeed within the platform 

Just remember to not buy YouTube views that are fake because they won’t help you in the long run. 

Instead, work on improving your content and learning the YouTube platform better. 

You can also buy real YouTube views from a company like Stormviews that promises cheap YouTube views that are high-quality and guaranteed. Are you ready to boost your YouTube presence? Visit Stormviews today!